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Literati Arts was founded by a Black poet with care experience.


You can expect cultural sensitivity, community, healing and quality to be at the heart of everything we do.

We are for the community and by the community.

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(lit-uh-rar-tee arts)

Literati Arts is a non-for-profit organisation, that promotes the art of poetry / spoken word and its role in community organising and healing.

At Literati Arts we use poetry as a tool to bring people together and give a platform to those whose voices may normally not be heard. We know that the power of poetry empowers authentic self expression and can be a meaningful tool in processing difficult feelings.

We work predominantly with those with experience of the care system and Leicester's Black community. 


Part of Literati’s mission is to improve the presence of the spoken word scene in Leicester and the wider midlands by engaging a more diverse audience that is representative of the global spoken word scene and it's roots.

We're here to bridge the gap.

We do this by hosting high quality poetry events which interrogate and dissect, running inclusive creative workshops/projects and producing imaginative and explorative spoken word performances. All of our events are free or low cost. 

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